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Today, customers expect companies to deliver the latest digital multi-asset, in a sustainable cross-market approach. Stellardian is the first technology worldwide ready to make this possible.

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The mobility software suite to digitalize business operations and customer experience as a high-performance whole

Increase Profit Margins

Automate your back-office operations. Reservations, preparation, pick-ups, drop-offs, invoicing, incident management

Sustainable Transformation

Optimize workflows and processes through the digitalization of your fleet

Cross Trained Employees

Reduce your onboarding time and boost employee productivity. With the simplicity of our app, your employees are trained across positions and can work effortlessly

Connect multiple assets

Connect and integrate all types of assets via native integration, telematics and keybox dispensers in our own IoT platform.

One fleet vision

Optimize workflows and automatically

Integrate ecosystems

Integrate the latest technology and experience all mobility eco-systems and tools

Take immediate action to your customer's needs over multiple markets and assets.

Maximize fleet usability across multiple markets

  • Mobility service in one app

  • Cross market expansion

  • Increase fleet usage

  • Scale your revenue streams

Short & mid term rental

Monetize your fleet and open a new rental service.

Long Term Rentals

Enable long term mobility services and contracts.

Car sharing & free floating

Expand your fleet to offer car sharing services (Station based or free floating)

Mobility Subscription

Enable mobility subscription models that suit customer needs

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Stellardian’s Features

Set your business apart and make your applications memorable by implementing Stellardian in white label.



  • ID and document digital scanning

  • Digital payment method

  • Two-factor authentication

Simplify the Booking Experience

  • Select a vehicle and schedule a trip

  • Automatic terms and conditions generation

  • Add on options

  • Digital contract e-signing

100% Self Served Rentals

  • Self-served pickup with virtual key

  • Check-in car inspection

  • Contactless check-out and drop off

  • Incident management and invoicing

  • Extended rental and add on options (coming soon)

Stand out in the mobility era with a state-of-the-art software suite

See how Stellardian benefits your business


Improve Customer Experience

Increase satisfaction & retain customers by offering a 100% digitalized experience.


Adapt your business to cover multiple markets

Mitigate all kinds of risks by diversifying your business operations across multiple markets.


Adjust unpredectible customer assets needs

Fidelize clients with offering all mobility use cases and assets in one place.


Add new revenue streams

Expand and open your company to new business without changing your organization.

More products within the horizon

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Traffic Jam


A fleet manager's dreamed way to supervise vehicles supply and demand flows.

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Third-party API's integration for external partners and marketplaces for business growth.



The maximization of sales and occupancy rates from fleets across different marketplaces.



Track all your employee's performances and reward them based on their NPS index.

Have you ever seen a single SaaS platform covering all angles ?

All new mobility means and services streamed through one platform.

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