Innovation through great design

We designed Stellardian to support and manage, in real-time, over 4 million connected vehicles with a non-stop service approach. These modern yet complex micro-service frameworks are no longer just a fantasy for software architects. Be agile, scalable, and stable while simultaneously keeping your operations running safely.

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White label

Your brand: always visible to customers and employees

All your back-office applications are built using your brand identity. They are then published within the App Store and/or Google Play.
Set them up directly from the Office Application.

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Full SaaS

Worldwide SaaS Infrastructure

No more complex installations with tedious training. Using your own domain, Stellardan easily integrates within your existing environment. Synchronize your data and manage access security. Our platform can be installed in any geographical area of your business. We comply with all data privacy laws and if the geographical coverage of Windows Azure is not enough, we can also deploy on other cloud platforms (Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud etc.) We also have the ability to deploy on the premises.



We take safety seriously

We use high-level cloud-based services to secure your environments. For example, isolating all data within a dedicated encrypted system ensures a maximum level of security.

Identity management implements robust, industry-proven protocols. All data has a backup in real time with a secondary one to ensure the stability and continuity of the platform.

Our IoT platform, for vehicle connectivity, uses high level security posture management, threat monitoring and remediation systems. And we can even increase connection security by connecting IoT devices via VPN’s.

The whole security chain is audited by the independent company Vigitrust.

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Data protection is not just a service

Natively integrated within the Stellardian platform is the ability to enable your customers to manage the protection of their digital identity more efficiently.
We have set up automated processes that manage data protection in accordance with their needs and the European and American standards.
We take care of your security so you can stay focused on your business.

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Multi-asset connectivity

Connect®: Overcoming a paradox through IoT

The everyday customer is searching for contactless journeys and current OEM's cannot keep up with Tesla's disrupting strategy for the industry. While the OEM's digitalize their cars and various assets, telematics technology and key dispensers are on the rise.

The overall strategy for Stellardian is to offer a universal connectivity solution to manager contactless vehicle journeys. Connect® offers both an automatic car key management dispenser and a telematics platform via IoT technnology, to use with Stellardian.

Stellardian adapts to your existing fleet and not the other way around. Try us.

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The latest architecture generation, based on micro-services and unstructured databases.


Complete cloud

Windows Azure based + Azure service (ex: IoT Server)



On-demand infrastructure and services (auto-scaling)


Non-stop service

A resilient platform that can manage all conditions


Cross country

Protected data privacy in the targeted countries



IoT platform dedicated to mobility experiences



End-to-end security for technical and business chain



On demand infrastructure and services (auto-scaling)


Software factory

Best in class, sustainable and automated development pipeline.

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